Why You Should Start Consuming Less Salt


Salt can be found in pantries of many households. This is used as a flavoring and preserving agent for food. But, too much salt can affect your health. If you are receiving assistance from providers of home care in Chattanooga, Tennessee, you might want to consume less salt than what you normally get. Here are the reasons why.

  1. Lowers blood pressure
    The amount of salt that you take affects your blood pressure levels. Consuming a lot of salt actually raises the sodium levels within your bloodstream. This results in your kidneys retaining a lot of water. Due to the excess water, blood vessels leading to your kidneys become strained, resulting in high blood pressure levels.
  2. Lowers bad cholesterol
    Bad cholesterol is linked to high blood pressure. Since excessive salt consumption can raise blood pressure levels, one can also expect that bad cholesterol levels will rise in relation to this situation.

    Most packaged and processed food products tend to contain high amounts of sodium. Consequently, they also contain lots of bad cholesterol. So, when preparing meals for your senior loved ones at home, make sure that they are whole foods and limit, if not eliminate, processed food products. Inform the provider of non-medical home care services in Tennessee when you have engaged in their care services, too.

  3. Lowers the risks of stroke
    One of the major risk factors of stroke is high blood pressure levels. When you consume too much salt, you are also increasing your chances of getting a stroke. Limiting the amount of salt that you are taking can help lower such chances.
  4. Lowers the risks of congestive heart failure and heart attack
    Having high blood pressure levels are also related to congestive heart failure and heart attack. The heart suffers from the strain caused by high blood pressure levels. If you want to lower your risk of congestive heart failure and heart attack, minimizing salt intake is one of the ways to do so.
  5. Reduces bloating
    Salt reduces the ability of your kidneys to remove excess water. As a result, water stays inside the kidneys. This can result to bloating. Getting rid in bloating involves limiting your salt intake.

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