Ways to Help Seniors Conquer Loneliness


There’s only really heartache in store for those who are constantly alone. It’s one of the worst things a person can ever feel and it definitely isn’t any fun. Despite this, however, a lot our seniors today live alone with barely any connection to the outside world. Alone time isn’t completely bad, but it can take a toll on an individual who is constantly experiencing it.

Loneliness and Its Connection to Health Problems

Recent studies have shown the level of impact isolation can have on an individual’s health. These are:

  • Decline of cognitive function
  • Weakened immune system
  • Risk of heart disease increases
  • Sense of well-being decreases
  • Exhibiting of signs and symptoms of depression
  • Quality of sleep decreases
  • And much more

These aforementioned effects of loneliness on one’s health aren’t really something we should be surprised about.

Beating Loneliness and Isolation

A lot of people experience loneliness, and most of them have a hard time finding a treatment. These days, however, more effort has been put into getting rid of loneliness as it has, in so many instances, led to sickness and a rapid decline in health, if not worse.

Here are the following steps you can take to help your lonely and isolated elderly family members and friends:

  1. Talk, Smile, and say Hello.
    These are simple things; simple gestures that could change a lonely person’s perspective. Take time to brighten a friend or relative’s day by paying them a visit, asking how they are, or taking them for a walk around the neighborhood.
  2. Making Connections.
    You have to remember that these are disconnected people we are talking about, so reaching out to them would be a great start. To recover from loneliness, seniors need to be able to feel like they can rely on someone; that they can confide in a person. Be that person in their life and help jumpstart their road to recovery.
  3. Give Encouragement.
    One of the factors that could lead an individual to experience loneliness is the feeling of being stuck and not really being able to do anything; to pursue anything. If your senior family members are convinced that they are “done” or that their “time is over”, don’t give up on them. Belief and knowing that a person believes in you are things that can change someone’s perspective for the better.
  4. Be There.
    As a family member or friend to a lonely individual, it’s very important that you show up to meetings and gatherings. By doing this, you’re showing people that you do care about them and that they do matter.

Don’t hesitate to take advantage of companionship and other non medical home care services in Tennessee to help keep loneliness and isolation from taking root.

Compassion Home Care, Inc. dba Zion Hands of Grace, a provider of home care in Chattanooga, Tennessee, would make an excellent partner in conquering the clouds of loneliness floating above your senior loved one’s life.

We are also able to provide respite care in Tennessee if the need ever arises.

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