How To Prevent Agitation in Dementia Patients

How To Prevent Agitation in Dementia Patients

For our loved ones with dementia, agitated behavior can be a common occurrence. When your family member exhibits this behavior, take them to their doctor for an evaluation. The doctor can help you in identifying the causes or triggers of this behavior so that the appropriate treatment or intervention can be administered.

Agitation can be caused by many factors, but what’s important to remember is that you can implement steps to prevent their occurrence or reduce the frequency. Being key providers of non medical home care services in Tennessee, we say that agitation prevention is attainable.

With that, here are preventive steps you can put into action:

  • Ensure that your loved one is staying in a calm environment.
    Their surroundings can cause certain stress, which results in anxiety or agitation especially when there’s too much noise. To manage this, find ways to cultivate a quieter environment or to make your loved one feel safe and comfortable at home.
  • Check for any personal discomfort.
    Assess your loved one’s condition whether they’re hungry, in pain, tired, having an infection, or whatever physical difficulty that may possibly ensue. These occurrences can also trigger an agitated behavior. To help you assist your loved one with dementia, we can provide home care in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
  • Get them busy with activities that they can also enjoy.
    Just ensure that these activities comprise of simple tasks and routines. When they are occupied, they may not make agitated reactions. However, when the activities are complicated, they may also feel frustrated, resulting in agitation.
  • Take your loved one to do some exercises regularly.
    Establish a routine to maintain the active lifestyle such as walking around, dancing to their favorite tunes, or doing gardening. When they are regularly active, they can release negative emotions and stress, which can be helpful to improve the mood and prevent agitation.
  • Find out if there are any situations in the surroundings that can trigger an agitated behavior.
    These include noisy environments or glaring background, which can make them feel anxious and agitated.

When agitated behaviors get manifested, ensure that you receive adequate support from your family members, friends, support group, and professionals who can also provide you with assistance. Caring for a loved one with dementia can be very demanding and going through it alone can take its toll on your physical and mental health.

As you find yourself looking for some assistance in caring for your loved one, don’t hesitate to go get that help. When you also need to take a break so that you can regain your strength in caregiving, we have a team who can provide respite care in Tennessee. These services are given so that your loved one can still be taken care of while you have some personal respite.

Would you like to know in what ways we can provide quality dementia care? Contact us at Compassion Home Care, Inc. dba Zion Hands of Grace for your inquiries.

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