How to Care for Parents with Dementia at Home

How to Care for Parents with Dementia at Home

Struggling to care for a parent who has dementia? Compassion Home Care, Inc. Dba Zion Hands of Grace, a provider of home care in Chattanooga, Tennessee, gives you these tips on how to properly care for a loved one going through this complex disease at home.

Normal aging challenges can already make caregiving a tough task for family members. Factor in dementia and things become exponentially harder. Because it is a cognitive disease with unpredictable patterns, you never really know what can happen or if your parents are going to accept care in the first place.

As a caregiver to a dementia patient, what you need to do is understand more about the disease. Alzheimer’s disease, for instance, is just one of the several types of dementia, and the one with the most pronounced symptoms. It’s an irreversible condition that progresses in severity as time goes by.

To maintain high-quality dementia care at home, here’s what you need to do:

  • Be open to changing your caregiving style.
    We know that caregiving is hard enough without having shifting circumstances to adjust to. However, in order to deliver the best possible care to a loved one with dementia, you need to understand that the symptoms of their disease can get worse over time. You need to prepare yourself for these situations by adjusting the manner in which you provide care.
  • Be open to learning.
    It requires caregivers, specially trained in memory care, to deliver exceptional dementia care at home. Of course, this is the kind of assistance you want your parents and grandparents to have on the receiving end. Also, it doesn’t mean that just because care comes naturally to you, you’ll automatically be able to give a person with dementia the care they need. You need to be very thorough about the learning process and ask advice from health care professionals and even people who are currently or have cared for dementia patients in the past.
  • Discuss caregiving with other members of your family.
    If you and your loved one have decided that home is where they’re going to remain, make sure to turn caregiving into a team effort. High-quality dementia care cannot be achieved when there is only one person in the family researching, practicing, and putting the effort to learn about dementia and suitable caregiving styles. You need to go over the care arrangement with your family and see who is able to pitch in to make the life of not only the patient but the entire family less difficult.

Taking care of a parent or grandparent with dementia can be a grueling experience when you don’t do it right. Maintaining quality dementia care at home will sometimes require you to partner with a provider of non medical home care services in Tennessee who has caregivers specially trained in memory care.

How else can we improve dementia care at home? Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

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