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Home Care in Chattanooga, Tennessee

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Zion Hands of Grace is committed to providing personalized care solutions for your home health needs. We focus on delivering services that are structured around the specific needs of our clients at their place of residence. Our goal is to delay institutionalized care, keeping the disabled and elderly members of the community in their homes and near their family for as long as we can. Through our comprehensive brand of home care, we are able to significantly improve the everyday living situations of our patients and offer peace of mind to their loved ones.

We serve individuals from 18 years old and above, improving their lives with structured, non-medical home care in Chattanooga, Tennessee that brings happiness and independence. We cater to the changing needs of adults who are plagued by diseases, injuries, and health challenges, exhausting all our efforts into making sure such problems are overcome in the most effective and efficient ways.

Core Values

  • Excellence in the form of specially trained caregivers who are committed to providing the highest standard of care
  • Compassion in the form of personalized care plans that specifically align with the changing needs of the elderly and disabled individuals under our care
  • Peace of mind in the form of stellar and comprehensive non-medical home care services that grant independence and happiness
  • Superior home care in the form of top-notch solutions delivered in accordance with the highest standard of ethics and personal conduct


We consider it our enduring mission to improve the lives of individuals under our care, bringing them happiness and independence in the comforts and security of home. It is our goal to implement personalized care plans that specifically cater to the ever changing needs of the physically and health challenged members of our community.

Our Vision

We envision ourselves to be the leading provider of non-medical home care services in our community. We aim to successfully provide a comprehensive brand of service that improves lives and brings happiness to clients and their loved ones.

Service Areas

Whether one needs short-term companionship care, around-the-clock live-in care, or respite care, Zion Hands of Grace provides the necessary care services and solutions that would fit any family situation.

For further details, feel free to reach out to us at any time. You may call us at 423-243-6772 or send a message to yenohleigh@yahoo.com.

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    1503 East 16th street Chattanooga TN 37404

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    Phone: 423-243-6772 Email: yenohleigh@yahoo.com