Helping Your Loved Ones Age In Place

Helping Your Loved Ones Age In Place

Now that your senior has decided to age in place or age right at home, here are some of the main things you can do to assist them in the process:

  • Modify their home layout and readjust furniture.
    Your first priority should be redesigning your senior’s home layout to make it more accident-free and fall-proof. You also have to make sure that they can move around and access items and appliances easily. One good way to start is readjusting the height of chairs and tables in their homes.
  • Visit them regularly.
    Do this not to just check on their condition, but to actually spend time with them. Family time and socializing with friends must be a part of their routine as it protects their mental and emotional health. If you’re taking care of your senior full-time, know that you can always hire a temporary caregiver to provide respite care in Tennessee.
  • Hire a home care aide.
    One of the effective ways to help your aging loved ones age in place is to hire a caregiver who can provide non medical home care services in Tennessee for them. A home care aide takes care of the house, runs errands for them, and makes sure that nothing disrupts their patient’s daily routine.

Want to learn more about helping your loved ones age in place? Our care professionals at Compassion Home Care, Inc. Dba Zion Hands of Grace can share with you more ways on how you can do so. We are a trusted service provider of home care in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Give us a call at 423-243-6772.

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