Choosing Between Home Care and Assisted Living


Are you thinking about putting your loved one in an assisted living facility? Make sure to ask some important questions. These questions should revolve around the needs of your aging parents. You can always seek out elderly care professionals who can not only tell you everything you need to know about assisted living but also about independent living communities and home care.

Evaluating an elderly loved one’s long-term care options will entail asking these three questions.

  1. A Question about Strangers
    If you’re considering assisted living for a loved one, you’ll have to ask yourself and, more importantly, them, how they feel about living with strangers. Seniors will be hesitant to give up the comfort, security, and familiarity of their homes. In the same way, as a loved one, it would also be hard for you to be away from a senior family member. So, how does your senior family member feel about living with people they don’t know? Their initial reaction is not likely to be positive.
  2. A Question about Prescription Medication

    It is highly likely that your older parents or grandparents have received prescriptions from their physicians. These prescriptions are likely to have started with a lower dosage that gradually increased until the proper one was determined. This is a fairly accurate analogy that can be applied when considering the home care option.

    So if things aren’t exactly going well for your elderly loved one at home, you’d figure that the best choice would be to move him into a community. However, it’s important not to rush into these kinds of decisions. Taking things one step at a time is the best way to go about it. You can start things off on a good note by partnering with home care agencies that provide respite care in Tennessee while waiting until the entire family finally comes to a decision on the right facility to put your loved one in.

  3. The Caregiver to Resident Ratio Question
    It’s common to expect a fairly high caregiver to resident ratio in assisted living communities. This basically means your loved one is only likely to get a little more than five minutes of care and assistance from the caregiver per hour. Home care, on the other hand, will allow your loved ones to receive one-on-one care and attention. So, think about it; it’s pretty obvious what the better choice is when you solely consider this aspect.

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