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Helping Your Loved Ones Age In Place

Now that your senior has decided to age in place or age right at home, here are some of the main things you can do to assist them in the process: Modify their home layout and readjust furniture. Your first priority should be redesigning your senior’s home layout to make it more accident-free and fall-proof. … Continue reading

Why Are Seniors Choosing to Age in Place

According to the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), three out of four adults age 50 and above “want to stay in their homes and communities as they age.” Aging in place, or aging at home, is fast becoming a preference among the majority of the country’s seniors today. Seniors now prefer to age in … Continue reading

Questions to Ask When Prepping Meals for Seniors

Preparing meals for our senior loved ones can be tricky and time-consuming. Not only do we have to spend time shopping, finding recipes, and cooking, we also have to make sure that the meals we’re preparing are approved by the doctor or nutritionist. It’s a lot of complicated stuff, but there is nothing we wouldn’t … Continue reading

7-Point Guide for Seniors to Get Better Sleep

Sleeping is a very crucial factor for seniors to stay alert, healthy, and able to maintain quality life even in their aging years. However, sleeping can also be challenging for many seniors as they may acquire insomnia, experience sleep disruptions due to illnesses, and feel other sensations as side effects of their medications. Is there … Continue reading

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