As an Employer, How Can You Help with Caregiving?

As an Employer, How Can You Help with Caregiving?

Did you know that there are over 40 million unpaid caregivers in the United States? These are family caregivers who mostly struggle to balance their existing responsibilities with their caregiving duties.

Compassion Home Care, Inc. Dba Zion Hands of Grace is a premier provider of home care in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and while we do our part to make caregiving an easier process for the people in our community, there are other factors, such as a family member’s means of livelihood, that we cannot control. We call on all employers out there to help bridge the current caregiving gaps in our society. You can support the caregivers of today too! Here’s how:

  • Making caregiving education part of the training process.
    Training should include education on how caregiving can affect the lives of employees. A supervisor should know what an employer, who is also a family caregiver, is going through at home. One of the main reasons why family caregivers struggle to find that work and life balance is because their boss doesn’t know about or understand their situation.
  • Flexible work schedules.
    Family caregivers who get workplace flexibility can breathe a little better knowing that they will have time to meet their other obligations. When your employees have the option to work from home or use flex-time, they can attend to their medical appointments, take care of themselves, and even catch up with friends. This makes family caregivers, not only more effective as care providers but as workers as well.
  • Connection to resources.
    Businesses are well-connected. You can use this connection to help employees find and gain access to all sorts of resources. Resources will help family caregivers give their loved ones the care they need. Perhaps your employee needs a mental health counselor, nurse advisor, or care manager? You have the power to support them in their search for these professionals.

As an employee, you should also do your part to balance caregiving responsibilities and work. You can apply your skills in the workplace at home, ask for help from friends and not take too much on your plate, give yourself a break, or consider taking the paid leave which your employer offers. As one of the distinguished providers of respite care in Tennessee, we know how crucial it is for family caregivers to find time for themselves.

You may be a caregiver to a loved one but that is not all that you are. You are also a parent, a leader, an employee, and a student. You have dreams to chase and a family to raise all while giving the best care to an aging loved one in need. Finding the balance to achieve all these things can be difficult, but with help coming from every facet of your life, but most importantly, from yourself, you should be able to accomplish your goal.

Have you worked with an employer who puts caregiving concerns at their priority list? Please feel free to share your experience in the comment section.

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