7 Tips: Ensuring Medication Intake Safety for Seniors

7 Tips: Ensuring Medication Intake Safety for Seniors

Medication safety is an important element in providing quality care for our aging loved ones. At this stage that they’re taking medicines, safety measures have to be put in place as certain factors can lead to risky or life-threatening situations instead. As your trusted provider of home care in Chattanooga, Tennessee, we would like to extend these helpful tips to make medication intake safe and healthy for seniors.

  1. Keep a List of Medications
    If you’re assisting your senior loved one, especially with their medication records, ensure that they have a list of medicines they’re taking. Bring this copy during checkups so that the doctor will have a reference on what medicines to prescribe. This record can indicate which meds have negative reactions with other medicines, or which ones they have allergic reactions to.
  2. Update List of Medications
    Ensure that your loved one’s list of medications is updated. The meds they may be taking are no longer available in the market and the doctor has to prescribe another equivalent. The updated record can help provide a reliable guide for the senior and their primary physician.
  3. Double-check Dosage Recommendation
    Being your leading provider of non medical home care services in Tennessee, we encourage you to double check if the dosage provided for your aging loved one is appropriate for their age. Some medicines are age-specific when it comes to dosage. Age can be a reason why their medicine can be absorbed faster or slower.
  4. Remind their Intake Schedule
    Our senior loved ones can have their episodes of forgetfulness due to aging. They will need your support and follow-up so that they will not miss their medication on the assigned schedule. Some medicines need to be taken on time or complications can arise due to non-adherence.
  5. Ensure Refills are on Schedule
    If your aging loved one needs to take medicines on a long-term basis, it’s important to make sure that they will not run out of these supplies. Coordinate with your nearby pharmacy so that you can schedule for an automatic refill service. This way, there’s no chance to run out of their medicines.
  6. Make Sure Labels are Readable
    Reading medicine labels can be challenging for seniors who have visual difficulties, especially when the texts are printed small. If possible, request for the pharmacist to have large-printed information on the medicine’s bottle so that they can read properly. They have to be sure that they’re taking the correct medicine at the designated time and of the exact dosage.
  7. Ask Questions
    As necessary, don’t hesitate to ask your doctor or pharmacists regarding your medicine. If you have questions boggling your mind, relay it with them so that you can take your medicines with the right mindset.

At Compassion Home Care, Inc. Dba Zion Hands of Grace, the safety and overall well-being of your aging loved one is also our concern as we provide you quality assistance at home. If you also need respite care in Tennessee for your loved ones, just contact us.

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